Greta Valley Free Range Pork is owned and operated by Brian & Kim Smith and run with the help our our dedicated employee James.

Brian is a born & bred farmer having grown up on a dairy farm as well as running one himself and then getting into beef & cropping.

Kim previously worked in an office environment doing payroll/accounts etc and more recently completed a Diploma in Pork Production and for the past 30 years had a herd of shetland ponies.  (See link)

Our animals are treated with kindness and are exposed to the best conditions we can give them.

We run 80+ berkshire sows/gilts, both commercial & registered.
We also have 2 white sows and a white boar to use for the consumer that doesn't want the black rare breed pork. We will cross these with the berkshire to get white pigs with more hibrid vigor.
We retain most of our own gilts as replacements to ensure a high health status unless the genetics becomes too close and then we purchase outside stock, isolate them and then bring them into the herd.

Berkshires are considered a docile, hardy breed and are sunburn resistant, have reproductive efficiency, live well outdoors, They have a succulent taste, lean & high yielding carcass, which contains more intermuscular fat or marbling, exceptional flavour and produces more pork than bacon. The Berkshire are good mothers and produce plenty of milk.

We have found that one of the most important thing needed to raising outside pigs is  excellent fencing, including ringlock around the boundaries and electric internally. This keeps all our pigs except the minute babies where we want them. You also need an endless water supply for the wallows and good shelter as pigs do not sweat so spend all day in the hot weather under a tree or lazing about in a wallow.

The young piglets are with their mothers until 6-7 weeks of age and then weaned into a grassy, well  sheltered paddock to grow out to specific weights.

We are certified APIQ free range (Australian Pork QA) . We get audited regularly to ensure our pigs are happy and healthy and treated correctly. And the environment is well looked after.

We are required under our QA to take soil tests every 2 years and to ensure the pigs nutrients are dispersed correctly by following up with cereal crops etc.

A round bale of hay is in each paddock for them to hide in, play around or just eat if they feel like it.

pigs including the sows, boars & piglets of all growth stages are free to roam around our paddocks and dig, forage, wallow, socialise, mate and give birth outside in their 3 sided sheds or make nests in the grass if they wish.  By raising the piglets totally outside we are ensuring the meat quality is exceptional which comes from stress free pigs.

Our pigs are used to human contact as we go into their paddocks every day feeding, checking and maintaining anything of danger. We have found the key to happy friendly pigs is to ensure you handle them kindly and have them trust you.

Our Values

Our animals are free to roam our paddocks 24/7.

All our paddocks have pasture. Our pigs are not on feedlots.

We are not organic, but we do care about our pigs and their environment.

Our animals are able to socialise with their friends and carry out natural behaviours.

All our pigs at every growth stage are fed to meet their welfare needs as well as production requirements.

If our pigs get sick, we do medicate them under veterinary advice, as we would our children.

Our animals are not kept in cages, stalls or crates.

Our young piglets are protected from predators.

We do not use growth promotants.

No teeth or tail clipping.

No nose ringing


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